Monday, July 28, 2014

Mama Zoe

Zoe is an awesome big sister to Camilla.  They have lived in the same home since December 2012 and are very sweet together.  They are foster-sisters, but Zoe also likes to play the role of mama, and she is great at it.

She's clearly learnt from how her foster mama (and Rita, back when she lived in the Forever Home) takes care of her children.  What do good mamas do?  Watch and learn...

  • They make sure to get photographs of their kids, especially when they are wearing pretty clothes.
  • They encourage and try to persuade their kids to go along with the plan...
  • ...but also know when to quit trying and just go play on the swings instead!
  • They take their child's safety very seriously, and make sure they are holding on tight before starting to swing.
  • They praise their kids often.
  • They push their kids on the swing, and check to see whether they want to go higher.
  • They patiently deal with pesky shoes that come undone.
Good job, Mama Zoe!

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