Friday, July 11, 2014

All About Judah

Since we welcomed Judah to New Day just over two weeks ago, he's been settling in and we've been getting to know him.  He's pretty awesome!

We asked Hannah J, one of our Summer Staff volunteers, to write a little about him.  Hannah was the first volunteer to spend time with Judah when he arrived, hanging out with him in the isolation room. She did such a great job at winning his trust, and helping him to relax and enjoy his new environment.

"I didn't know what to think when I first met Judah, and I had no idea how fast he would come to hold a special place in my heart...

He is 6 years old and just like any other six year old, he loves getting into things and playing around. He loves craft time where he can make different kinds of artwork as well as dancing to the motions of row your boat in music.  He is very ticklish and his joyous laughter is contagious!  He loves to laugh and just be around people. 

He’s growing more and more at home here and loves his new friends! 

Despite his disability, he is actually quite mobile and independent. If he wants something, he’ll go get it, and not let anything get in his way. In the playroom his favorite toys are the musical instruments and bouncy balls. 

Sometimes after a long day, he is just happy to sit in your lap with a toy and relax. 

I haven’t spent much time with him in the two weeks that he’s been here but I can see that he is fiercely loyal and loves his New Day family so much already.  I’m so happy I was able to be a part of that for a short while."

In this video you can see Hannah and Judah dancing together!

Judah is getting to try lots of exciting new experiences here at New Day.  He loved the field-trip to the Water Cube, and had so much fun playing in the water with the volunteers.

We're so happy that Judah is settling in and making friends here.  He'll get to learn (in Chinese and English) and have fun.  He'll get good medical treatment (including surgery) for his orthopedic issues, and therapy.

We hope that he won't stay here too long though.  Not because we don't want him, but because we want him to have something so much better.  We want him to have a family of his own.

Could you, or a family you know, be that family?  Contact for more information.

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