Thursday, May 29, 2014

NDSouth: A New Work

Meet New Day South's newest arrival, Polly. Polly's situation is a little different than other children we have brought here in the past. If you have been over on our website recently, you would have noticed that under our children, we have  new category: Temporary Medical Care

"New Day South is assisting local partner orphanages by arranging, scheduling and managing surgeries for the children below at the best hospitals in Guangzhou. These children are from well-staffed and equipped orphanages, and most will return soon after surgery and recovery." 

Polly is the first little one in this program. We work with several orphanages that are well-staffed and equipped but in need of assistance in providing quality surgeries. Our role will be helping them schedule surgeries and providing after-surgery care for these children until they return to their home orphanage.

We are excited to be partnering with the orphanage in this project and believe that through this program, we will be able to help even more children. 

No matter how long Polly is with us, we are thankful for her life and anticipate to see how surgery will make a difference in her life. 

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