Sunday, May 18, 2014

NDNorth: Getting to Know Philip!

When we first met Philip he was just a little guy (grown-up-preemie), recovering from a dangerous case of the measles that nearly stole the life from him. Our staff had just begun visiting his orphanage and we looked forward to helping them provide Philip with the stimulation and resources that he would need to develop and thrive.

As the months went by, Philip grew... into a very mobile little guy! He was one of the first crawlers in the whole baby room. 

When we coordinated for a few sample toy items to be donated to the orphanage, for the children's stimulation and the staff's inspiration, Philip became our little "toy model." And we're excited to say that he is now a toy-playing expert and the orphanage staff is taking initiative to purchase their own hanging toys and bouncers. 

Philip has grow up so much since that first day we met him in July.

He's a reluctant-yet-happy hat modeler...

And he's developing a little imagination of his own! Philip knows what to do with a toy phone (put it to his ear and say, "way?") and when he gets a chance to play with a car he runs it on the ground... he'll be making sound effects soon!

We're so happy to have Philip in our project and are at the same time excited to watch him grow up, and scared that he's going to do it too fast.

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