Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Therapy Tuesday: On The Move

It's a big moment.  The moment when a baby goes from staying in one place to suddenly being able to explore.  Gabriel has recently discovered the joys of 'commando crawling', and now there's no stopping him.

Just look at him go...


Being able to explore is even more of a big deal when we're not talking about a baby but rather a 12 year old.  Austyn arrived at New Day last summer and, due to severe malnutrition and the fact the he had spent the whole of his life so far just lying in a cot, he was able to do very little.

Now just look at him go...

This is the result of six-months-worth of love, nutrition, therapy, encouragement and patience.

This is Austyn crawling, and we are so proud of him.


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