Thursday, March 20, 2014

NDSouth: A New Partnership

We have some exciting news here at New Day South! We have recently established a partnership with the US agency, Lifeline Children's Services. In addition to being one of the premier China program adoption agencies, Lifeline has long had a heart to help the orphaned children of China. This partnership is yet another way for them to help the fatherless and the 'un-adopted'; and together, we can both make an even bigger difference in the lives of these children.  Here at New Day South we have established a "Lifeline room" dedicated to helping children from Lifeline's partner orphanages.  We will provide surgical / medical care and a home for these children before they one day leave to join their forever families.

We currently have two children through our Lifeline partnership. Our first little one is Grady. Many of you have been following Grady since the day he came into our care on January 10, 2014. It has been an up and down journey and at one point the doctor's were not giving him much hope. Of course we know here at New Day that there is always hope. Just read all the Amazing Stories! Time and time again, these children have pulled through and Grady's story is one of those stories. After six weeks in NICU, he was finally released on February 21st. He has been home for just over 2 weeks and continues to get stronger by the day. 

Our other Lifeline child is sweet Selah. Many of you have fallen in love with her and how could you not? Selah took a while to warm up to us but once she learned to trust, that precious personality has been shining through. She just started attending preschool this week and is loving it so far. 

We are really excited about this partnership and the opportunity it gives us to help more children. Those who would like to help / support this program should contact Katie Beaton at

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  1. As a LL mom, who is soon ready to welcome a little one into our home, we are soooooo excited to see this partnership!!!