Thursday, February 27, 2014

NDSouth: Amy's Birthday

Yesterday was a very special day for a very special little girl. Our Amy turned nine years old. Amy has been anticipating her birthday for the last week and the day finally arrived!

What do you think? Is she happy with her cake and everyone singing "Happy Birthday" to her?

Time to make a wish and blow out your candles, Amy!

What did she wish for? Although we don't know for sure, we have a good idea that her wish could be for a family. Sweet Amy has been through a lot in her nine years of life. She arrived at the orphanage when she was just under a year, and has spent the last eight years in and out of the orphanage and foster homes. Amy arrived at New Day South just over a month ago. Those are a lot of changes for one little girl. Just like all of our children, Amy yearns for the stability of a forever family of her very own.

Besides a family, Amy wanted just one thing for her birthday, a backpack. She was thrilled when she received not just a backpack, but a pink one!

Sweet Amy, you are such a treasure and a blessing to everyone who knows you. You have a smile that is full of joy and hope.

Our hope for Amy's ninth year is that her wish for a family of her very own will come true. She is a bright, sweet, caring, and beautiful little girl who we know will flourish and thrive in a family.

Happy 9th Birthday, Amy! We anticipate your year to be filled with joy and sweet blessings.

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