Sunday, February 9, 2014

NDNorth: An Introduction

There's a New Day Foster Home facility in Beijing, caring for 25 children on-site and then another 18 in local foster families.

There's New Day South, with thirteen in its care at the moment.

And then there's New Day North.

What exactly is New Day North, anyways?

I'm so very glad that you asked! In July the Samuels family moved to Inner Mongolia to begin developing relationships with local orphanages, officials and the community. We anticipated a slow start, but were pleasantly surprised when we were given the opportunity to launch the formula project in a nearby orphanage by the end of the month. Beginning in August we were making weekly trips to this particular orphanage, training them, providing supplies and helping them assess their children.

Brian and the directors of the orphanage with the new formula!

Wendy and Hannah talk to the therapists and managers about our assessment project
Since those early months things have just kept getting busier!

We spend a good deal of time on trains, traveling for day-trips to two specific orphanages about two hours from where we live. They are long days, but good days, and we have opportunities to influence orphanages in many different ways.

What exactly have we been doing? Well, you'll have to stay tuned for that. Coming up soon!

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