Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Lovely Lydia

Can you believe how much Lydia has grown up - she has blossomed into a lovely little girl from a small cuddly baby! Lydia has had a lot happen in her short life, and the fact that she is here today is nothing short of a miracle.

But she is not just here, she is busy and fun and doing all she can to keep up with her playmates! Since April she has changed from a little girl that would prefer to be held than play, to crawling and then walking and now talking!! It’s wonderful to see her growing and learning, and she seems pretty proud of herself too. 

Lydia lives a busy life- she goes to therapy three times a day, plays lots, dances, eats and is often exhausted by the end of the morning. Coming to therapy three times a day means climbing the stairs three times a day, and for little legs this is quite an achievement.  Today, as we were going back down to the play-room Lydia found that the banister works perfectly for hide-and-seek, and so the stairwell was filled with giggles as she peeped out and I said ‘boo’!

It’s a joy to work with Lydia in therapy, she is almost always happy and genuinely seems to enjoy the different activities we do and gains great pleasure from her achievements. She loves to bang, clap and shake objects to make noise and will dance at any opportunity.  Often, perhaps to my surprise, Lydia will find a way to make an activity musical- hitting cups together, shaking boxes of shapes or ‘accidently’ tossing a shape onto the wooden floor to hear its loud ‘bang!’

Oh Lydia, you’re growing up so fast, I wonder what you’ll learn next week?

This post was written by our Occupational Therapist, Jenny

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