Monday, January 20, 2014

Just What Iris Needs

Beautiful, delicate little Iris.  Only four and a half months old, and most of her life so far has been spent in hospital.  She's been hooked up to monitors, alone in the Intensive Care Unit, deprived of the cuddles that tiny babies so desperately need.

The start of 2014 marked a wonderful change for Iris.  She was transferred from PICU to the regular ward, so she was able to have a nanny stay with her.  A week later she was well enough to come to New Day, and begin to experience a home and a family.  She has a lot of growing to do, but she sure is in the right place to do that now.

Iris' precious little life is held in big strong hands, and just what she needs has been provided right when she most needs it.  Enter Denise, a volunteer from the US, here for six weeks.

Denise is a Grandma with a tender heart and arms willing to cradle Iris all day long.  She sings to her and talks to her.  Our nannies are so great, but they also have other children to care for.  Denise is able to be totally devoted to Iris, and Iris is loving it.

Denise is "pouring herself out for the hungry and satisfying the desire of the afflicted", because Iris' need for love is just as real as her hunger for milk.

Abandoned as a newborn and admitted into her local PICU right away, Iris never had anybody who was there to care just for her.  Thank you Denise, for being here and for holding her, and showing her what love looks like.

You can read more of Iris' Amazing Story, and learn more about volunteering on our website.

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