Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Our Wonderful Volunteers: scraping paint

It may not surprise you to learn that volunteers are more-than-happy to cuddle the babies upstairs in the baby room.  They are extremely willing to play with the toddlers.  Sometimes, however, there are tasks that need doing that are not quite so much fun.  We love it that our volunteers are still willing to take them on.

Some of the paint on the playground was flaking and needed scraping off before new paint could be applied.  Although the day was bright, it was by no means warm, but our two volunteers spent a long time out there, working hard.

We are so blessed by the volunteers that come to help out here.  These amazing paint-scrapers came as part of the group from Texas that were here last week.  From the youngest to the oldest on the team, they came with such servant hearts.  They spent their week here cuddling babies, playing with toddlers, helping in the preschool, and contributing to our wonderful Thanksgiving feast.  Two nurses on the team were able to spend time in our Critical Care Unit with the babies.   The team were able to spend the weekends experiencing the incredible sights and tastes of Beijing.... and, of course, they helped to maintain the playground so that our kids can continue to enjoy it.

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