Friday, December 13, 2013

O Christmas Tree

Don't you just love how every home's Christmas tree looks different ?  Decorating the tree is such a fun way to mark the start of the season, and the kids love to get involved.  We have EIGHT trees in the foster home, and our precious little ones got to help hang the baubles.

Camilla arrived almost exactly a year ago, so this is her second New Day Christmas.  She's happy to have a little help with her share of the decorating.

It's Asher's second Christmas here too, and he brings such a lot of fun and laughter to the proceedings.

Zoe has also been here just over a year.  She'll turn six just a few days before Christmas and is a real tree-decorating-expert already.  This tree is a little tall though, so despite her amazing growth (read her Amazing Story here), she does need a little boost.

Just like Zoe, Sarah Lyn will celebrate her second New Day Christmas this year, right after her (third) birthday a few days before.  A sad and sobering fact is that Sarah Lyn was found at the gate of her local orphanage on December 25, 2011. The police were called, but they were unable to find her parents and Sarah Lyn was taken into the orphanage that day.  She has been with us since April last year, and we're so happy to have her sweet face around the place, but our Christmas wish for her is a family of her own.

The CCU babies are not left out, there is a little tree in their playroom too. Don't worry, it was lifted out of reach of their curious fingers after the pictures were taken...  Little Albert was less than a week old and still with his birth parents on Christmas day last year.  This year he is here and he is sick and waiting for a miracle.  Please believe with us that he will get one soon.

Want to see more adorable pictures of our kids 'decking the halls' ?  Check out the scrapbook and our Facebook page.

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