Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Are You Tired, Austyn ?

Yesterday towards the end of the afternoon I was in the downstairs playroom. I will often pop in to spend some time with the kids before heading home- they’re irresistible! Austyn came over to say ‘Hi’ and have a cuddle. However, before long he was snuggled in my arms and seemed to be drifting off to sleep!

Its not surprising that Austyn gets tired from time to time, he has a busy schedule each day. He comes to therapy three times a day and attends pre-school for several hours in the afternoon as well as doing strengthening exercises with his nanny- that’s enough to tire anyone out! We make sure he doesn’t get too tired though, and he is making great progress each week.

This week during O.T. sessions Austyn has been learning to turn pages in books- he likes large, colourful ones with plenty of pictures! Austyn turns page after page and will look with interest at the different things on each page. He also loves to bounce on the therapy balls, and is very ticklish under his chin! Therefore, both of these things also happen during therapy sessions, and Austyn can often be heard giggling away or singing to background music in the room. 

Austyn is getting bigger too! He has quickly outgrown the first chair he had during pre-school, and so needed something bigger and better; we think he looks rather royal in his new chair- what do you think?


This post was written by our Occupational Therapist, Jenny

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