Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A Super Birthday!

Today, 365 days ago in a city in Central China a little baby boy was born. He was sick, very sick, and sadly was abandoned at a hospital when he was only four months old.

Every day this little boy got sicker and sicker.

When he was seven months old Mark came into our care. He was dying. We didn't know if he would make it... if he would survive and learn how to smile and how to play. We didn't know if he would ever experience comfort and peace.

But, August 9th, the most incredible miracle occurred. A "super" miracle, if you will. A liver became available, Mark went into surgery and 13.5 hours later he was a new child.

While we were dressing the children up last week, the super hero costume stood out as the perfect outfit for Mark.

Today is Mark's 1st birthday and it's truly a day to celebrate! Unfortunately, this was the best picture we could get of him wearing his birthday hat... Mark is a squirmier. He's been given the chance to life and live he does.

It's his smile that tells the greatest story, though. Before Mark's surgery we could have counted his grins on our fingers - he was so uncomfortable, sick and unhappy that smiles were rare and far between. These days, however, it takes very little to get Mark to smile. All we have to do is tell him he's special... or that we love him... or that he's amazing, then his eyes widen and the most "super" smile spreads across his face.

Happy Birthday, Mark. May the next year be full of even more fantastic miracles for your life.

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