Monday, October 21, 2013

One Big Party

A company decided to sponsor a huge birthday party for our princess, Maya. She'll turn two on the 25th of October but we never argue when it comes to celebrating birthdays early.

There was lots of cake. Wendy was a good big sister and fed Seth.

Brendan thought that the clowns were very interesting. 

The bubbles were definitely a hit!

During karaoke time Seth hogged the mike and had us all laughing.

...and then it was time for cotton candy.

Meilin and Talley tried the sweet air for the first time and loved it!

Face painting was probably more fun for us than the kids, because we got to look and giggle at their adorable faces!

Complete with balloon hats, our kiddos were living the party.

Poor Rebecca got a bit confused and thought that her balloon animal would work as a hat...

We all had a fabulous time. Check out even more pictures in our scrapbook!

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