Thursday, October 24, 2013

NDSouth: Teacher Cooper

Our Preschool teacher was without a voice the other day and so Cooper stepped up to help teach the class. He started off the day just like any other with asking the children what month, day, and year it was.

He then moved on to the ABC's, carefully pointing at each letter as he said it.

He was so patient with Marshall and helped him when he needed it.

Next was the weather for the day.

"Is it rainy? No, it's sunny today!"

Cooper then went over the shapes, colors, and animals on our window clings.

We also were able to catch a video of Cooper going through the vocab cards with the kids.

Great job, Teacher Cooper. Thanks so much for helping!


  1. oh boy do I have a sister for Cooper! They would stay busy FOREVER! Is Cooper available for adoption?