Saturday, October 5, 2013

NDSouth: Haircut Time

It's time for haircuts again! We are blessed that we have a local beauty salon, within walking distance, that is willing to cut our kids hair for free. We visit every few months and it was time for another visit.

Marshall and Fisher catching up on some reading while waiting for their turn.

Aren't they so well behaved?

This is only Marshall's 2nd haircut and he isn't quite so sure!

See Marshall? It's not so bad.

Cooper is a pro at getting his hair cut. He sits so quietly and still.

Charlotte, we think you should keep the clip.

This was Alice's first haircut with us. She did great!

Hayden also did not cry this time. We are so proud of you, Hayden!

We are proud of all of our kids and how well they did!

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