Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Just Give me Something to Suck!

Our nannies generally don't encourage the babies to become attached to their pacifiers during the day. Naptime and bedtime are okay, but usually you don't see the paci's out during the morning and afternoon hours. However, things are a bit different in the CCU. 

The babies in our Critical Care Unit have been through so much. Many of them have spent months and months fighting for their lives in hospitals. Hospitals are not good places to avoid pacifiers... they're so helpful when needing to keep a baby happy and quiet and still. 

And so... Albert and Mark have become attached to their pacifiers. 

Mark and his paci are especially close. Because Mark was literally hanging onto life by a thread for a few months, we let him get away with anything. The poor kid's going to be spoiled! But we're totally fine with that... You can never spoil a miracle too much. 

But don't worry! These two handsome little guys don't spend all of their day sucking. They're learning how to play too!

And they're learning all about tummy time! This is especially impressive if you've ever seen the massive scar Mark has on his belly. Go boys, go!

Trade, please?

It's doesn't take too long for Mark to decide that he needs his pacifier back. He asks so politely, how could we refuse?

Anything for our little miracles, right?

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