Sunday, September 8, 2013

What Isaac Can Do

Isaac received a package last week full of new outfits. And we weren't the only ones who thought that he was handsome looking... 

Ever little boy needs a shirt like this, don't you think? They never lie!

After trying on the new outfits, Isaac was asked by his nanny to put the clothes away. She folded them up nicely and he carried them over (disrupting some of the folding in the process, of course) to his dresser and began to put the clothes away.

It was rather impressive to watch this not-quite-two-year-old put his own clothes away all by himself!

As he filled up one drawer, he moved on to another. This time the drawer was a bit too high, so he was having some trouble. 

"Ask your mama to help you," we told him. 
Surprisingly, Isaac turned to his nanny.... and signed "help" in sign language!

As it turns out, Cora, Isaac's nanny, has been teaching him useful words and phrases in sign language. He's gotten pretty good at the signs. Can you guess what he's saying below?

We're so proud of you Isaac! 

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  1. Is he saying please and thank you? Smart boy!! So handsome