Sunday, September 22, 2013

Transitions and Changes for the Rippees

Randy and Rita Rippee moved to China with three of their daughters in 2004 and began working with New Day Foster Home in the summer of 2008. Within a year they began fostering older orphan girls who needed families, and during the next four years were able to make an impact upon 16 children.

The Rippee family has been able to lavish nurturing love upon these girls, helping them learn and know that they are special.

They have welcomed these girls into their home and given them more than a taste of what a family is like. By folding each one of the girls into their own family, the girls have learned some of life's most important lessons: how to get along, fun, and that you are always loved. 

It was with excitement as we also watched as six of the girls in the Rippee's care joined families of their own. Elizabeth, Hannah, Lena, Serena, Elly and Mollie knew what it was to be unconditionally loved, and now they have the chance to be so loved forever.

The Rippee family has made such a huge difference.

The Rippee's burden for older orphaned girls changed lives here in China. However, the last year has presented difficulties for foreign organizations working on behalf of orphans in China, especially in the case of foreigners fostering children. Because of this, the Rippee's have recently been doing a lot of thinking about how they can be most effective while still doing what they feel called to do. After much thought and research, they have found an opportunity in India where they will be able to work with the older orphaned girls. The RIppee's will be moving in October.

We will dearly miss them - many of our staff were moved to tears when they heard of the Rippees departure. They have made a huge difference here in China and we strongly believe that they will continue to change lives in India.

You can keep up with the family's new adventures in their new blog: Unconditional Love for Orphans

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