Monday, September 9, 2013

Our Stella

It's kind of crazy to wrap your mind around the fact that this little girl... an orphan.

Because, she is so loved. And so beautiful.

But the complexity of her story and her past and her future is fraught with things impossible to understand and to fathom. Despite this we rejoice because we know that, today, Stella knows love. And she knows hope. 


  1. Is Stella available for adoption? I have followed her since she was tiny. I know a little bit about her SN. can I find out more and if she is available?

  2. So happy to see a little story about Stella. We are her sponsors and she has been our step of faith this year while we waited to be matched with our daughter Miah, who we finally met in June of this year. We are praying for her and for her to have a forever family.

  3. Hannah - Eliza Grace and I love praying for and sponsoring Stella, as does our whole Girl Scout troop! What a priviledge to support the work of New Day!! And, we would love Miss Stella in our home too! :)