Friday, September 20, 2013

Every Minute Counts

Many of the children at New Day come for life-saving surgeries, but many also come for some life-changing therapy! We are equipped with a bright and beautiful therapy room, and Zoe, our China-trained physical therapist, works full-time with the children.

Lillian used to be one of our nannies, but when we realized that we needed another therapist she stood out, and was happy to be trained as a PT assistant. Then, as visiting speech therapists came through to work with our children, we realized that the greatest resources they could provide us with was training and mentoring for Lillian, who then become our very own speech therapist! Lillian is a bubbly woman with kids of her own. She's doing such wonderful work, teaching our kids sign language and helping them learn how to express themselves and communicate. 
She has the most exciting therapy sessions! Look at all of the fun that Melinda, Rebecca and Lucy are having!

Lillian is always eager for more training and suggestions from visiting speech therapists. Alice, an ST from the US, has returned twice to work with her and the kids!

Earlier this year we welcomed Jenny, from the UK, to our therapy team! Jenny is a trained Occupational Therapist and has committed to be here a year working with us, although we're already trying to convince her to stay forever. 

When Jenny arrived we decided early on that we didn't want to miss out on the incredible opportunity that her skills presented. For her to work daily with the kids would be amazing - she would change their lives! But we realized that for her to train and mentor one of our nannies so that she could then leave in place an occupational therapist when she left - this would be the most incredible result.

Sharon has been a nanny here at New Day for many, many years. She's also a shift leader and has been the dear and loving "China-mama" for so many children. After expressing an enthusiasm in helping the children achieve their fullest potential after one of our OT-interest meetings, Jenny began working with Sharon. Now, Sharon is doing some therapy sessions on her own, when she's not studying with Jenny.

When it comes to any sort of therapy, every minute counts and we're so blessed by the wonderful woman who have dedicated their lives to helping our children feel and do their best. Check out the scrapbook album of pictures from therapy on our website and on facebook.

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