Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Very Pretty!

Rachel just celebrated her second birthday! In a package from one of her sponsors she received two beautiful dress-up dresses. 

Doesn't she make the most beautiful princess?

The other dress she received was much too big, but Melinda was around and happy to oblige us and try it on. It was a perfect fit!

The day before Rachel received another birthday package with some cute headbands. She got tired of wearing one of the headbands and passed it to Melinda who was, again, happy to wear her "little sister's" clothes. 

Colton walked by and saw Melinda. "真好看!"he commented. "Quite lovely!" 

We wanted to get a picture of Colton and Melinda together for this blog, and so we reinacted the scene. Melinda put on the headband and Colton joined her infront of the camera. Glancing over at her he commented, "真漂亮!" This time meaning, "So pretty!"

You have a good eye, Colton, and yes, Melinda, you are quite lovely looking! 

Happy Birthday, Rachel! Thanks for sharing. 

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