Sunday, March 17, 2013

If The Hat Fits...

Two matching hats, one for a little head and one for a bigger head. We tried the little hat on Alea. It fit perfectly.

She loved it.

Michael thought that pulling the hat off of his head was much more fun than wearing it. He didn't mind us putting the hat back on his head again and again and again, because it gave him the chance to take the hat off again and again and again.

Michael and Alea are both very warm-hearted, cuddly and sweet, but they can get feisty when they need to! Alea really wanted to wear both hats, and Michael really wanted to take them off, he didn't care if he was taking them off of his head, or off of Alea's head. There were a few squabbles, a little bit of grabbing and one frustrated grunt, but within a few minutes Alea and Michael figured out how to get along.

If you'll watch the video below, you'll see how they compromised... taking turns is always the way to go.

Michael got distracted with something else after we took the video and so Alea managed to retrieve both hats for herself. She found a relatively secluded spot...

...and then she put both hats on her head and giggled.


  1. Adorable! They are both so adorable!

  2. Alea was so sweet despite Michael trying to steal her hats! Cutie cuties! I loved this! *Is the video hidden somewhere and I'm just not finding it? I'd love to see it!!!

  3. The only thing sweeter than those pictures was being there to hear the giggles and squeals that accompanied the facial expressions. <3 those two! Give them kisses for me!