Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Forever Home: Making Jello!

Jello--that popular summertime fun food!

It's also an easy food for the kiddos to help make as it is just so simple.  Camilla mixes the jello.

Zoe mixes the lime flavored jello. So much fun!

Suddenly, having seen mom add salt to other dishes, Camilla picks up the salt shaker and decides it needs a little salt :)  No, we caught her in time and our jello was salt-free:)

I meant to get a picture of them enjoying their jello but simply forgot.  The funny thing is, Camilla takes one look at it and refuses to eat hers. Guess it was just too weird for her as it was the first time we've had it with her here.  It wasn't until she saw me eat my jello, where I kept saying mmmm on every bite, that she gave it a try and.......what do you know?......she liked it!  Zoe loved hers too and even had seconds!

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