Thursday, July 25, 2013

NDSouth: July Birthdays

Last Thursday we celebrated our July birthdays! We didn't have just one birthday this month, but two. Double the celebration, double the fun!

Hayden turned 3 on July 17th. This was his first time celebrating his birthday with us and quite possibly the first time he has ever celebrated his birthday. What do you think, Hayden?

 Sadie is our birthday princess! She turned 1 on July 14th. She looks excited for the festivities to begin!

 Make a wish you two!

The little ones had a hard time blowing out their candles so big brother, Cooper, gladly helped. Great job, Cooper!

Laura loves cake.... can you tell?

 Fisher does too!

We have such a great group of nannies and volunteers loving on our children. They are loved so much!

For more birthday party pictures, check out our Facebook album and scrapbook!

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