Sunday, June 30, 2013

The People on the Bus

Chalk is just about the best outdoor activity, don't you think? You really can't go wrong with chalk and bubbles.

We noticed Colton drawing something much bigger than himself.

"What are you drawing, Colton?"

"I draw bus!" he said in perfect English, emphasizing the "b" in "bus!"

"And who is that you're drawing inside of the bus?"

"Wendy. And me."

Here's the almost finished product. Can you see long-haired Wendy and a skinny little Colton in the corner of his bus?

Guess who was also drawing a bus? Here's Wendy's version.

She was really busy filling the boxes in her bus with letters. What was she writing?

Names! Can you read the names that she wrote on her bus? If you look closely you should be able to make out "Philip" and "William" and over in the top corner she's written "Julia Grace"... with the letters in a different order, of course.

Good bus-drawing, kids!

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