Saturday, June 15, 2013

Run for Benjamin!

Do you love to run? Walk? Stroll? Skip??

Use that interest to help us raise awareness for New Day Foster Home and help cover Benjamin's medical expenses.

The first step is to e-mail Jessica and tell her that you're in. She will give you information about coordinating a run in your area and will supply you with the necessary documents and rules.

The second step would be to rally some support, gather your running/walking/skipping friends and decide where to run. You can run anywhere you'd like!

Third, get sponsors! You can go door-to-door, send out a mass e-mail or just call up some friends. Ask them to sponsor your run, see how much money you can raise for Benjamin and how many more 'followers' you can gather for NDFH!

Fourth and finally: Run! (or walk, skip, roller blade...)

Donations can either be mailed by check (Jessica will give you more info about this) or you can use paypal below.

Most importantly, tell your friends! This is a community event, and you are a part of the NDFH community. Thank you.

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