Saturday, June 8, 2013

NDSouth: Our New Classroom

Preschool has always been a very important part of New Day and so we have made it a priority here at New Day South as well. Since we have a smaller number of children and they love preschool so much, we have them begin coming once we feel that they are ready. 

Currently we have three "regular" preschool goers... Sammy, Cooper, and Asa. We have a few "occasional" participants as well. Laura is coming several times a week and we anticipate Marshall and Hayden attending soon. Our classroom is growing!

In March we leased our second apartment and this means that we now had an actual classroom rather than sharing it with the office, med room, storage room, etc. We are pretty excited about our new space and getting it to look like an actual classroom.

Sammy loves school and especially loves when he can play with Mr.Potato Head.

Cooper would go to school every day of the week all day long if we would let him. Can't you see his love for school shining right through his precious smile?

Asa is more of a serious student but he is indeed loving it and flashing us that smile from time to time. Just not when the camera is pointed at him.

Are you interested in being a part of the growing New Day South? We are in need of room sponsors, general sponsors, and child sponsors. Just like any new home, we have had many start up costs to get our new place up and running. Right now our preschool is the only thing located there but we anticipate moving half of our children into it later this month.

Did you know that New Day South has it's own Facebook Page? Make sure you check it out and "like" it to learn about the latest news and see adorable pictures.

On behalf of the kids at New Day South, thank you for all of your love and support!

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