Monday, May 20, 2013

You're Not My Dog!

Seth's foster family has a dog called "Daidai," and although Seth doesn't always enjoy Daidai's attention, he feels very protective and possessive of his dog. When Seth came by the other day, Tom, the foster home's dog, caught his eye.

"Daidai!" Seth called, and then he walked after Tom.

Tom didn't pay Seth any attention, and was busy sniffing bikes. Seth kept after him, "Daidai!"

He called louder, "Daidai!"

But Tom continued to ignore poor little Seth. And so Seth, rather frustrated at his unsuccessful attempts to play with the dog he thought must be the same as his own, turned on his heel and left.

You can just see his reaction in his face, "That's not my dog!"

The next time that Seth comes in, he'll have to bring Daidai along with him! It doesn't get much better than a boy and his dog!


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  2. You are awesome Seth! A boy and his dog indeed!