Friday, May 10, 2013

Oliver's Hope

Oliver has been doing really well recently. He comes in for therapy every day and works with Zoe and Jenny. At first, he wasn't a huge fan of the stretches and activities that the therapists came up with for him, but as time wore on Oliver began to have more and more fun.

We thought that we'd take a little video of him, showing off all of the things that he can do. Oliver can roll a ball back and forth with his hand, roll over all the way (front to back, back to front). He plays the cutest games with cars and trains, pushing them back and forth while saying, "Choo choo." These days Jenny is working with Oliver to push down with his arms, lifting his chest up. And he can do it! Strength is slow-coming, but it's coming!

Oliver has many challenges ahead of him. But he has already overcome so much! He's sitting, rolling over, using his arms to play and his legs to dance (you don't have to be standing on your legs to be dancing with them!). The doctors here are very positive about his future. They say that one day he will be walking.

When Oliver first arrived, this would have been hard to believe. But we're beginning to learn that, with these kids, nothing is too crazy, too impossible and too miraculous.


  1. Hooray precious Oliver! You are one AMAZING little guy.
    So thankful for all the wonderful people in his life that are investing therapy and love into him. Can't wait to see progress continue!

  2. Wow! Thank you for posting about sweet Oliver! He is just so adorable and amazing! :) Praying for him everyday! :)

  3. What an adorable sweetie Mr. Oliver is! He is so precious!

  4. Please pray with us as we are seriously considering adopting Oliver. We are sending his file to orthopedic surgeons skilled in treating arthrogryposis tomorrow.

  5. Jamie, I am praying for you. I want so badly to adopt him, but have been praying for him to find the right family if it isn't us. As always, praying for sweet Oliver!

  6. I love this little man! We're raising funds for Oliver's adoption here ( so Jamie, if you do commit please make sure you get those too! Of course there's not much in there now, but we're doing a small fundraiser for him in June. :)

    Both my kids have arthrogryposis (AMC) like Oliver so if anyone is interested and has any questions I'd be happy to answer them!