Thursday, April 4, 2013

NDSouth: Growing Before Our Eyes

One of the best parts of our job is watching each of these children grow and flourish in our care. It is hard to believe how quickly they grow up! It seems like just yesterday that we met Matthew at just 4 days of age and now he is over 6 months old! He is developing quite the little personality and his latest milestone is smiling, which we are quite fond of.

Isn't he precious?

As we were snapping pictures of him, he wasn't quite sure what he thought of all the attention.

"Why do they insist on taking my picture?"

"Is she still there? Yes..."

"Maybe if I look like I'm not paying attention, she will stop."

"Nope, still there...."

"Well it appears as though she is not going away so I might as well be my normal, adorable self for the camera!"

Sorry Matthew, we just couldn't help ourselves... you are too cute to not capture on camera!

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