Tuesday, April 16, 2013

It's Not the End

Holly’s departure on Sunday was not the end of our time with her. Although she is no longer in our care, although we cannot help to teach her and to love her and to care for her, she will not be forgotten by us.

Holly’s birthday is in November. November 2014 she will turn 14 years old, which means that she will no longer be available for adoption. When Holly turns 14 years-old, she will “age out” and will remain an orphan for the rest of her life.

We love Holly, and with this love comes a responsibility to act. We refuse to stand idly by and watch Holly spend the rest of her days without a Mama and a Baba to call her own. She may be delayed and she may be challenged, but one thing that Holly knows is that the greatest thing in the world is a family.


Holly has watched her friends come and go. She’s watched them find out that they have families coming to get them and she’s said goodbye too many times. Every day Holly asked her foster parents, “Do I have a family?” and every day they had to answer her, “Not yet, Holly.”

Let’s make that “not yet” become a “yes”! With the help of our incredible group of supporters, I think that a family can be found for Holly. She needs a very special family, one who is prepared to care for her, love her through her challenges and encourage her to do her best. We believe that there is a family out there for Holly, but we need your help to find them.

Are you up for the challenge? Will you help give a girl her dream come true? Holly has just over 18 months to join a family, and her adoption file is already prepared and waiting at a specific agency. If you’d like more information, please e-mail Karen@newdaycreations.com.

Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts.


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  2. This beautiful girl! I wish I was financially stable enough to adopt!