Friday, March 1, 2013

Sweet Gege Love

Will has claimed Jeffery as his very own. And he's not sharing.

Being room-mates, Jeffery and Will became very close Now, Will doesn't want anyone else to play with his little bro. Last week all of the little boys were playing happily in the playroom, when Jonathan walked over and started patting Jeffery's head and rubbing his back.

"Ahhh!" Will fussed. Then he pushed Jonathan away from Jeffery and began to cuddle is little brother himself.

Again, Jonathan scooted over and tried to play with Jeffery.

"Ahh!" Will cried again. He pushed Jonathan away and pulled Jeffery a little bit closer.

Jeffery was placed into a foster family yesterday, and Will's been a little bit moody since. He misses his baby.

Don't worry about Jonathan, he and Seth have decided that they're going to devote their "big brother" skills and affections to Julia Grace. That will have to be a blog post in itself....


  1. this is just to cute for words.....sweet boys!

  2. although extremely happy Will has a family of his own now I'm going to miss that sweet face!!!

  3. I hope Will gets to see his 'little brother' again.