Monday, March 25, 2013

Hair Cuts!

Hair cut day for the foster home... such a bitter-sweet day. Some of the children love it, and some of them can't stand it. Henry was one of the excited ones today. He's been wanting a little trim, and with a crowd of complimenting adults surrounding him, he was eager to look as handsome as possible.

Jonathan, on the other hand, was far from eager to get his hair cut. He was third in line, after Henry and Colton, but Jonathan would have none of it and ran out screaming. We tried offering him candy. We tried telling him about how handsome he would look. We tried pretend hair cuts to show him that it wouldn't hurt. We had him sit in to watch a few other children get their hair trimmed and we had each child tell him, "No, Jonathan, it doesn't hurt! You don't need to be afraid."

Nothing worked.

Jonathan sat through Henry's hair cut...

And he sat through Michael's hair cut, which probably wasn't the greatest idea, because Michael hasn't been around long enough to know that hair cuts actually don't hurt and that there's no need to squirm or cry.

He sat through Lucy getting her bangs trimmed.

...and he watched her cheer with joy over her new look, and her delicious blueberry lollipop!

Corrie didn't cry or fuss during her hair cut either, even though it was probably her first. Precious Corrie really needed a little trim, and we're so happy with how it turned out!

Finally, however, Jonathan allowed himself to get a buzz cut.  He was the very last of all of the children, and he sat on Amy's lap with a tantalizing lollipop before his eyes... and he didn't cry one drop.

Phew! That could have been much worse! Check out more pictures of our haircuts on the scrapbook and on facebook! We also put together some video footage that you probably want to take a look at. It's really adorable.

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