Monday, February 4, 2013

The 12 Days of CNY: Day 6, Claire's Story

I just finished washing Claire's bloody elbows and chin, and applying lots of Band-Aids.
She rounded the corner toward home just a little too fast on her bike. Her newest words
for today: "Slo-o-ow do-o-o-wn."

Scraped elbows and bruised knees aren't so unusual for an eight year old, but today, this
little accident filled my heart with praises. What an amazing thing God has done!

There is a recurring theme throughout Claire's early life. It shows up in her story in
words like these: severely damaged, out of options, bleeding profusely, unresponsive
vital signs, heart failure, fungal infection, aberrant blood vessels, coded, out of possible
solutions, probably wouldn't survive, losing two-thirds of her total blood supply, seemed
hopeless, circumstances looked grim, thought that Claire would die soon, and nothing
more they could do.

Thankfully, these words of hopelessness and struggle are not the entire story. In 2009,
God's love and mercy brought this precious little girl to New Day because He knew
they would fight for her when everyone else gave up. When the orphanage and doctors
did not expect Claire to make it, New Day called on people all over the world to pray
earnestly for miracles. Long before I even knew my precious daughter existed, nannies,
staff, and New Day supporters all over the world fought for her. They loved her, prayed
for her, and gave to provide the expensive medications and surgeries that saved her life.

Now we have the awesome privilege of being Claire's family and walking with her into
the future God has for her. She brings so much joy with her silly sense of humor and
ready affection. Now she has a daddy and big brothers to fight for her and let her know
she is very special. She has a mommy to help her learn how to love and grow into a
gracious young woman. Thank you, New Day family, for listening to God's heart and
fighting for Claire when others had given up.

After spending four years in hospitals struggling to live, Claire is now clear to run, jump,
climb, and ride her bike very fast. Band-Aids on elbows are one more proclamation of
God's awesome power to do the impossible!


  1. True Beauty! What a testimony his His goodness! Thank you for sharing!

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  3. Claire's story is a continuous reminder of her father's love for his children! Thank you for the update and prayers will forever be in your direction!

  4. my heart is melting to tears. That is a smile of a dear girl who has come home! thanks for sharing :)