Sunday, February 3, 2013

Five Facts about Babies (12 Days of CNY)

Can you believe that it's the 5th day of Chinese New Year already? Wayne is the little miracle we're featuring today. Hopefully you've read his amazing story, but if you haven't please do so right now! We also put together a little video of Wayne, complete with a video clip of him!
It goes without saying (mostly because we've already said it a few times) but Wayne's life is a miracle. When we heard about him, our hearts broke. When we heard that many of the cleft lip/palate babies in his orphanage died because the nannies struggled to feed the little ones while managing the other dozen babies in their care, our minds started cranking. When we realized that there was actually an empty bed in the foster home (because Anna Rose was in the hospital) our hands got busy. We might not be able to care for Wayne long-term, but we could at least safe his life.
But we didn't get to save Wayne's life, because something more powerful than medicine intervened and not only did Wayne survive the trip from his orphanage, he also recovered lightning-fast from meningitis, edema and a serious case of pneumonia. During a time when we were watching many of our children get quite sick, Wayne's fast recovery proved to be a miracle.
The first picture below is when our nanny met Wayne at the hospital, the Sunday he arrived. The second picture is Wednesday, the day Wayne was released from the hospital.

We were excited to transfer Stella into a foster family and a bed officially opened up for Wayne. He's a permanent member of our big family until the day comes for his own, forever family, to come and bring him home.

So, how did our Acute Care fund make a difference in Wayne's life? Well, if it wasn't for that fund, we wouldn't have had any means for helping Wayne. Even though there were no empty beds when we heard about this sweet little boy, we were still able to say, "bring him on in!" and give Wayne the chance of a lifetime - the chance to thrive.

Are you curious about the "Five Facts about Babies"? Here they are.

Clockwise from top left: Babies love to snuggle in the arms of their big brothers; babies love going outside; babies love to sleep; the wide grins of babies like Wayne are irresistible; a baby's first Christmas is a magical moment.
 Thank you all for your amazing support!
p.s. far more valuable to us than the amount that you give, is the number of you who do chip in. So even if it's only $5... you're making a difference and helping to save a life.

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