Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Eight Reasons to Laugh (12 Days of CNY)

Grace is a hilarious little lady. She has quite a personality and is developing an independent little spirit. That is, when she's feeling well. Because of Grace's medical conditions, she often has trouble breathing and seems to succumb to pneumonia much too easily. When Grace isn't feeling well, the pacifier goes in and she can be found either sleeping, or cuddling in her Ayi's arms.
Grace has had to be admitted into the hospital with pneumonia many times. Thankfully she has not had to be in PICU, and so a nanny has been able to stay with her each time. Poor Grace is struggling between needing heart surgery, but never being quite healthy enough to have it. The surgeons are particular that her lungs be clear before they operate, and we thank them for this discretion. Still... how many more times will Grace get sick before she can have the heart surgery she needs?
Hopefully it won't be long now.
When Grace arrived at NDFH she wasn't a very happy little girl. She had been living in a foster care situation in her home province, and so the transition here to our facility wasn't the happiest for her, but it needed to happen. Just a day after arriving, Grace had to be admitted into the hospital with pneumonia. Sick and scared have slowly transformed into silly and strong.

Grace's newest things are babbling and the daily threat that she's going to finally take her first steps. She's a precious little girl who responds well to love... want to see?

It's the stories of children like Grace, and the rest of the little ones that we've been featuring this week, that excite us. Grace has joy and she knows that she is loved and, even when she's a sick little girl, she is able to be comforted by cuddling with her ayi. We're thankful and blessed to get to provide cuddling arms for her while she waits for her forever family to bring her home.