Monday, February 18, 2013

A Day in February

It's been a nice, slow day here at the foster home. There have been lots of smiles, giggles and cuddles. Alea was bursting with laughter today, a stream of giggles just flowed from her and she babbled  sweetly as she toddled around the playroom.

Julia Grace is getting so big, isn't she? We tried to get a group shot of some of the children in their new hats, but Julia was the only one who looked at the camera. Our kiddos are busy!

While the older children played and showed off their hats downstairs, the babies were busy upstairs. Talley and Wayne are learning how to crawl, and so we challenged them to races with toys.

Wayne ended up getting distracted each time, so Talley won the races.

 Downstairs in the preschool room Micah and Zoe enjoyed oranges for snack...

 ...and then back upstairs in CCU Lena took it easy, resting in her favorite seat.

So, what did you do today?

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