Saturday, January 26, 2013

Preschool Days

Can you guess what we learned about in preschool recently?

Every day in our preschool class, we review the date and weather. We pull out the calendar and the children take turns placing the correct month and year magnet pieces onto the board. Next, we are ready to sing the “Weather Song,” where each child receives a cardboard piece with the state of the weather on it. When I say a child’s name, they count, “One, two, three!” at which we sing, “What’s the weather like today?” We go through each one until we figure out the weather report of that day. One child places it on the calendar. Then, it is time for our lesson.

Recently, we learned that T is for Teeth. We talked about what we use our teeth for: chewing, talking, and probably most important, smiling! We gave each other big smiles to show off our pearly whites. We also discussed that to have nice, healthy teeth, we must take good care of them and brush them daily. During our activity, we each colored and glued together big mouths and toothbrushes to learn how to brush our own teeth.

Noah got right to work on brushing his newly colored mouth.

He even started thinking about his own set of teeth and how he might brush them.

Then he showed off his artwork to rest of the class.

I think we can all be optimistic about the future of Noah’s oral hygiene.

The class was pretty excited about their activity and demonstrated how competent they were at brushing their teeth.

It was another successful and fun day of preschool!


This post was written by our preschool teacher, Amy


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