Wednesday, January 16, 2013

NDSouth: Happy 2nd Birthday Sammy!

Last week we celebrated Sammy's 2nd birthday! Birthday's are always special for any child. A day all about them and a celebration of their life. But what about when it is for a child who quite possibly may never have reached their second birthday due to a serious heart condition if they had not received surgery? Now that is really something to celebrate! We always love an excuse to order cake and party down here but we also got to celebrate a miracle... Sammy's life. 

Sammy has become a huge fan of birthdays in the 6 months he has been with us. His own birthday was no different. We believe he loved all the special attention!

Wow Sammy.... what did you get?!

A fun toy that lights up and makes noise!

Make a wish and blow out your candle!

Sammy did such a good job of cutting the cake.

But we think he enjoyed eating it better!

Happy 2nd Birthday Sammy! We are so glad that you are a part of our New Day South family!


  1. Such a sweetheart! We are so thankful for the grace the Lord keeps showing in precious Sammy's life!

  2. Happy birthday, Sammy!
    I'm with Rebekah! So thankful for how the Lord has brought Sammy thus far, and so thankful for how far Sammy will continue to progress and thrive under His watchful, loving care!

  3. Me and Annie are just wishing Sammy a happy birthday!! Annie said, "so cute" and I agree!! Hugs to all!!