Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A Second Christmas for Rebecca

With all of the packages that were mailed to China for the children's Christmas, it was too bad, but perfectly understandable, that some of the packages didn't make it all the way over. We thought that one of Rebecca's presents might have been lost, until it arrived at the post office last week!
She didn't mind the late arrival at all.
Check out that excited face as she opened up her goodies! When she first started opening up the packages, she wasn't too excited and didn't really know what to think. As son as she discovered that each paper-wrapped package held a present just for her inside, she brightened up and eagerly unwrapped each package.
Rebecca is as sweet as a little lamb in her new hat, and as cuddly as a pussy cat wearing her cozy new clothes.

Thank you, Church family, for blessing Rebecca today!

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