Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Best Fieldtrip Ever {where we ate ice cream in December and survived!}

What do you get when you add fun, sensory hands-on activities like drawing, touching and playing in a paper-shower...

...with soft-serve ice cream?

According to our children, "the best field trip ever." Check out the pictures in our scrapbook, or in our Facebook photo album!

A funny story about the ice cream... One of the foreign volunteers offered to buy the children ice cream cones after their lunch at McDonalds. The nannies and teachers said, "no!" because, well, it is December after all. But the ice cream was bought anyways and the children loved it! Then we offered to buy the nannies each an ice cream cone. "No thank you!" they laughingly said. But we bought them each a cone anyways... and they ate it all! We're still laughing about this.

Thankfully, no Chinese children or Chinese nannies were harmed in the consumption of ice cream this December. Phew!

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  1. Oh this makes me laugh! Ice cream in December is the best! :)