Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Forever Home: Happy, Busy Girls!

When we saw this scene, we just couldn't resist taking a picture!  The girls were so cute all lined up on the couch with their babies.

Mollie is a little teacher. She's always giving someone instructions about something, and the other girls usually seem to follow her!  Here she tells her big sister Holly, "Okay, the babies are playing patty cake now."

Sylvia, along with the rest of the Forever Home girls, has welcomed little Debbie with open arms!  Debbie has joined right in and is such a good fit to our foster home. She's a happy little girl with the loveliest smile!

Emma found some dress-up clothes, so she added to the game and  pretended to go to work and talk on her cell phone.

What happy, busy girls we have!

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