Friday, November 23, 2012


The red paint stripes were smearing on the messy faces of our children as they scraped the last, delicious crumbs from their plates. Some of the little ones had ladybugs painted on their faces, the little girls wore flowers and Holly proudly told everyone to look at her “three flowers!” Henry liked everything he tried and Lydia preferred the stuffing, smacking her lips and babbling as we gently gave her little tastes. The nannies came into the room to sweep the smallest ones off for pre-naptime bottles and medications and the foster mamas began to arrive to pick up their little Indians and pilgrims.

Our feast was over, or so we thought, when the preschool teachers began to clean up and put the paper plates into the trash can. Suddenly we heard a sad cry. “I’m not done yet!” Colton said as his plate was cleared away. We had no way of knowing which plate was Colton’s, so he got a new bowl full of food and sat down at the other table while the table he had been sitting at was cleared. All he wanted was a few more bites of stuffing and he left the feast satisfied.

…and that’s what Thanksgiving is all about. It’s not about food and second helpings and stuffing, but about being thankful for the simple things such as crying and being answered… asking and receiving… and ending every day satisfied and content. Today we’re thankful for all 54 (soon to be 55!) children here at New Day Foster Home in Beijing. We’re thankful for fifty five little hearts that, at the end of the day, will be satisfied.

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