Wednesday, November 7, 2012

NDSouth: Coffee!

Hannah here! I know, it's rather odd to see me posting for NDSouth, isn't it? But last week I got the exciting privilege to visit our Southern branch down in ZhongShan, and I thought that I'd share a bit of what I saw.

There is a whole lot of love going on in New Day South.

The nannies are beautiful and loving. They adore the children and are always encouraging and engaging and cuddling them

The kids are doing so well. They seem happy and loved and for me, getting to touch and love on some very special miracles was an honor.
Anneli is NDSouth's preschool teacher and she has done a very impressive job. When I walked into the foster home with Anneli, Jonah ran up to us and asked her, "Class time?" The older children love their preschool class and most of them know all of their ABC's and numbers in English.
Jonah is a precious little boy. He's two and a half years old and you can see the desire for a family in his eyes. He is precocious and loving and says the funniest things.

When Jonah sees his beloved teacher, his second question (after, "Is it class-time yet?") is, "Caffee?" You see, Anneli sometimes brings her insulated coffee mug into the foster home, and Jonah knows just what it is. Anneli told me that now many of the children have taken to calling any beverage "caffee," be it juice, milk or water. It's adorable.
I hope that you have enjoyed this little "visit" to New Day South! Come back anytime.

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  1. We have been preparing our Christmas sponsor package for dear Charlotte and my 3 year old daughter keeps asking "where's the baby" as though she is coming to stay with us. When I explained to her that she is in China she promptly replied "we have to go get her". The next morning she woke up and said "Oh, no we forgot the baby. Maybe someone will knock on the door". After talking with her a bit more about what we are doing she wanted to add her stuffed animal to the package because "the baby will like it". It warms my heart that she is so touched by this act of giving. I look forward to one day adding to our family through adoption. Thank you for allowing us to be part of your lives this holiday season. We look forward to staying connected for years to come.