Saturday, November 17, 2012

How to Wrap a Baby, Featuring Violet

Most of you, being moms already, probably already know how to wrap your babies to keep them warm. But, most of you being moms, you will probably really enjoy watching how Violet's foster mom wraps little Violet up for their cold ride home after Violet's monthly check-up.
She starts out by making sure that Violet is wearing the many layers common to most little children in China....
And then it's time to start wrapping! We have some quilted blankets that the foster mama's like to use with little pockets at one corner for the baby's head. Violet's foster mom slips Violet's head into the little pocket and then wraps the blanket around her.
Folding the bottom corner of the blanket up towards Violet's chest, she then tucks the final corner inside expertly so that no cold wind will touch her little darling.
And there you have it! Warm, cozy and super-sweet and cuddly.

Thank you, foster mamas, for taking such good care of your little charges.

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