Friday, November 9, 2012

Gaining Strength

The little girl who almost died many times...

Who really shouldn't be alive right now...

Who had four surgeries, including a major open-heart surgery, in four months...

...she is getting bigger and stronger each day!

The other day Lydia rolled over onto her belly. It was a shocking moment for her and she didn't know how to react. She didn't know how to roll back over and so she was stuck. Since her heart surgery in August, Lydia has just kept getting stronger and stronger, and so when she found herself on her belly, she had enough strength to lift her head up and look around... and ask for some help!

A few months ago Lydia would not have been able to support herself in the bumbo seat. Actually, a few months ago Lydia couldn't even fit in the bumbo seat!

...and it wasn't until after her heart surgery that Lydia decided to smile. Now, we're seeing those smiles and hearing her sweet little voice much more often. It's precious.


  1. Oh Lydia, you steal my heart! I am just here sewing up Lots of Lydia Love dolls and I took a break only to find this sweet post.

    SO glad you are getting her so much stronger folks at ND! Thank you for not giving up on her time and time again and for giving her that special recipe of love, attention and lifting up. She is a little miracle!

  2. What a beautiful little miracle!! It is a joy to see these little ones make such progress in a home where they are loved and cared for while they wait their "forever family". Way to fight Lydia!! God has such a plan for you little girl!

  3. She is darling! I hope she find a family soon!