Friday, October 26, 2012

Wherever I Go

We knew that it would be good for Will to have Jeffery as a roommate. It would help him develop "big boy" habits and a tender "big brother" attitude, but we had no idea just what a fabulous big brother Will would turn out to be.

When Jeffery returned from the hospital after his cleft lip surgery, his nanny told Will, "Be careful with his lip! Don't let him mess it up on the floor." Jeffery, being a growing little boy, started trying to roll over... but when Will saw this, he did his best at being a big brother and rolled little Jeffery back over every single time.

Will likes to make sure that Jeffery is content, so you will often find them together, Will gently rocking Jeffery back and forth in his little chair.

One time, just the other day, Will was rocking Jeffery and keeping him happy when his nanny called him for snack time. Adverse to leave his little brother, Will pushed Jeffery right out the door with him and straight down the hall.

And we got it on video...


  1. Will, You are such a great big Brother!

  2. Oh the sweetness!!!
    I love that kids are so full of love at ND that they have enough to share!

  3. This is so so cute. Amelia said, "Ahhh so cute, just like a little father." So sweet to see how he takes care of his little brother.

  4. Does Will have another name also? When I clicked on William on the right hand list, it was a different child. Will is just ADORABLE!! (so is WIlliam). Just wondering! Love the video -

  5. he is labeled under Josiah. I believe I heard his family that is adopting him will be naming him Will. Such a sweet sweet boy he is!!