Thursday, October 18, 2012

Cozy Quilts

My grandparents came to visit us in China last week and my Nana brought three beautiful hand-made quilts with her, especially for the little babies. The first quilt we put in CCU. Annabel was the first to test it out. She looks rather comfy, doesn't she?

Talley joined the picnic a little bit later. Two tiny ladies soaking in the sunshine... how precious!

Am I supposed to smile for this picture?

too happy to NOT smile!
The second quilt was placed in the baby's playroom. Oliver, Kate and Lena couldn't contain their joy... especially when we started tickling them! Doesn't Oliver have the most contagious and overwhelming smile?

The third quilt went downstairs, where we tried and tried and tried to get a decent group picture. But Stella had other plans in mind and the twins were too busy to sit still.

Check out more pictures of our quilt-lounging and group-picture-attempting in the scrapbook!

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  1. I can't think of any more precious children to lie on those beautiful quilts! What love!